Atkinson Report Generator

Secondary School Edition

Rapid generation of performance and attainment summary reports for your school.

Prices are £249/year for single Site Licence. MAT Licences available.

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Atkinson Report Generator 2017

The Atkinson Report Generator uses data exports from 4Matrix™ or SISRA* to produce A4 customisable colour performance analysis sheets (e.g P8, A8, A*-A, A*-C, 9-1) which are automatically ready to distribute to your key stakeholders (Senior Leadership, Heads of Department, Pastoral Leaders and Teachers).

Time spent on producing individual data requests and training on analysis software can be significantly reduced, creating more time for data managers to quality assure figures, increase accountability and deal with an ever increasing workload. Teachers will also gain time to develop high quality teaching and learning materials, implementing effective data led intervention strategy.

The software is available under a 30 day free trial licence (no payment details required), followed by a yearly subscription (annually from the date of purchase) if you choose to continue using the package (unlocked with a purchasable licence key).

*SISRA™ users will need to convert exported data using the inbuilt "SISRA Converter" facility to make data compatible with the report generation software

Can't find the template that you are looking for? Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss bespoke solutions.

Software Features

Clear PDF Reports

Generate reports at cohort, subject or class level. Customise colour and minimum progress levels.

4Matrix and SISRA Compatible

Save hours of post processing. Just export data into a defined folder structure and run a report.

Levels of Progress and Progress8 Reports

A wide range of report templates. Report metrics include levels of progress and the new Progress8 measures.

Customisable Reports

Customise titles, student colour coded breakdown and gap analysis dials for key groups.

Example Templates

LOP1: Matrix Analysis (LOP)

LOP3: Group Gap Analysis (LOP)

LOP4: Over-Time Analysis (LOP)

PA82: Progress Analysis (DfE)

PA83: Progress Analysis (DfE)

PA84: Full Analysis (LOP & DfE)

User Guides & Tutorials

Quickstart, Installation & Troubleshooting

Folder Setup

Progress8 Conversion

Generating a Report

Download Full Version (30 Day Free Trial Included)

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